Goofball Gang

Next-generation avatar NFTs

Goofballs are revolutionary NFTs

  • Animated: they breathe and look around.
  • Interactive: they follow your mouse cursor or finger.
  • Vector-based: they scale up to unlimited resolution without loss of quality.
  • Customizable: Goofballs can be modified with the Goofball Editor (background, animations).
  • Extensible: future code can animate goofballs in new ways.

The drop is sold out!

256 out of 5472 Goofballs have been dropped, and all have been minted.

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In the meantime, you can buy Goofballs on OpenSea.

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Goofballs are next-generation avatars because they are interactive, which sets them apart from other NFTs. Each goofball has a rendered image (PNG file) like most NFTs, but also an interactive HTML5 app and a vector graphics file (SVG). These flexible formats make it possible for the goofballs team and the community to build more tools and animations around the avatars.

The first drop of 256 Goofballs was on October 1st, 2021.

During minting a random token index is selected from the available Goofball tokens by the on-chain logic. This means that it's not possible to know in advance (even for the goofball team) to know who gets which goofball and thus a fair distribution is ensured.

You can see information about traits and rarity in the Goofballs rarity explorer.

Essential information and roadmap

  • October 1st 2021: first drop of 256 tokens. 20% cats (special type) and 80% humans. Cats won't be present in future drops. Community feedback through twitter and discord.
  • October 7th 2021: Goofball Rarity Explorer launched! Discover rare Goofballs and compare the different traits.
  • October 14th 2021: Goofball Editor launched! Customize the background color of your Goofball, easily take pictures and record an animated GIF in custom resolutions.
  • End of October: next drop with free mints for first drop adopters. New drops will have new rare types of goofballs and new traits for the humans.
  • October / November: presentation of utility plan for generating utility for Goofball token holders.
  • Token price: 0.05 Ξ in first drop, next drops based on established floor price
  • Features that we plan to develop in the short term:
    • Interactive video recorder for Goofball avatars
    • More animations
  • Discuss future plans on Twitter or in the Goofball Gang Discord community.

Rarity and Traits

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by selecting from 14 different traits. Some traits are more common than others, for example the Type Cat is less common than Type Human.

In the Goofball Rarity Explorer all Goofballs can be filtered and grouped by trait so that you can easily find your favorite one.




Number of Goofballs

Goofball NFTs have been minted so far.

Price per piece

The cost of minting a new Goofball is ETH + gas fees.

Current supply of Goofballs

At most 5472 Goofballs can ever be created on the blockchain. So far, 256 Goofballs have been dropped for minting.